my first and probs only birthday present. from non other than my lil thom. his teacher really liked these photos and insisted that he make giant prints of them. #drugs @majortomarden  (at its ma birthday bitches!👐👐👐)
03.04.14 /17:13

@pushitastop is having a contest for best long lens shot. here’s a bit of my entry… go to to peep the full vid. @scottmarceau #pushitastop (at PUSH IT B STOP)

@mtseymour is puttin on a video contest for a free board… sooo I gave @imdru a bunch of footy I had and he made a video for it cuz he’s poor and really needs a new board.  go to and vote for us plzzz ^_^ feat. @grattin @ivan1 @theniculrich  (at Mount Seymour)
03.01.14 /14:06
at wham bam skate jam
12.15.13 /02:05
#nobikes (at
12.12.13 /17:41
@imdru @joesexton1817 @stepchildsnowboards
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12.08.13 /02:57
drew sez he will drop this from the top rail and I can post an instavid of it, buuuut only if he gets 20 new followers… so GO FOLLOW @imdru right fuckin now cuz I wanna see this. @imdru @imdru @imdru @imdru @imdru @imdru  (at Seymour Provincial Park)
12.06.13 /18:00
amphibian shape shifter.
12.05.13 /17:44
don’t dream it, be it.
12.01.13 /15:24/ 2
11.27.13 /21:36
spring boarding at the end of november. 🔥🔥🔥 @imdru @ivan1  (at Seymour Provincial Park)
11.27.13 /19:43
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